ISO-Aire Commercial Air Purifier

Breathe Easier with Reliable and Proven Clean Air Technology

Innovative ISO-Aire™ brings medical-grade indoor air filtration solutions to your office, storefront or facility to protect your employees, customers, and livelihood. From restaurants and retail locations to child-care centers and churches, ISO-Aire™ captures and destroys 99.99% of harmful airborne contaminants like viruses, bacteria, mold, smoke, allergens, and more.

Unmatched Protection: Choose ISO-Aire to safeguard your commercial space and know with confidence you’ve made the right decision to protect your team – and your business. Developed to address COVID-19 and other airborne contaminants, ISO-Aire uses proven medical-grade technology in a high-performance, quiet, and quick to install air purification system. Housed inside ISO-Aire, we’ve engineered three layers of unmatched filtration protection: HEPA filtration (99.99% to .3 microns) paired with optional bipolar ionization and/or UVC sterilization.

Unlimited Applications: From large facility footprints to a studio space to small conference rooms, our adaptable air purifiers work 24/7 to provide clean indoor air. You’ll find ISO-Aire in churches, senior living centers, salons, restaurants, child-care centers, gyms, banks, healthcare clinics, schools, and more.

Unprecedented Design: What puts ISO-Aire ahead of our competition? Maximum level of protection, proven components and an effective design no matter your facility’s needs. With over 50 years of experience, we’ve carefully chosen 100% U.S. made components and integrated them together into a powerful system you can depend on.

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HEPA Filter


Bipolar Ionization


Ultraviolet-C Radiation

  • Captures 99.99% of particles

  • Eliminate infectious airborne contaminants

  • PARTICLE REDUCTION and smoke control

  • Kills and Neutralizes pathogens

  • ENERGY SAVINGS of 30% by reducing outdoor air intake up to 75%

Proven as an effective inactivation method for mold, bacteria, and viruses

RSF Series – Floor set design, great for offices, schools, restaurants, day care and senior living centers, ideal for rooms small to large. Top discharge grille (as shown) or ductwork type connection available. Up to 500 CFM, 750 CFM, 1,000 CFM and 2,000 CFM models.

RSP Series – Portable design built with mobility in mind. Compact but powerful, ideal for most applications. Rugged casters and sturdy, built-in handle allow for transportation between multiple rooms or within a facility. Up to 750 CFM.

RSH Series – Hanging design, ideal for above ceilings, concealed areas or locations without floor space. Inlet and outlet connect to ductwork. Up to 1,000 CFM or 2,000 CFM models.